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Practice Areas

Family Law

Child Support, Custody, Divorce

We recognize the stresses and pressures that convictions can have on the family.  We provide assistance in a wide variety of family law subjects, and help people make sense of the various legal processes. 


Convictions can often hinder employment opportunities.  We help people understand their options when it comes to expunging convictions from their record.



Housing can often be a problem for people with convictions.  We aim to make sure tenants are aware of their rights and the processes that are available to them.

Juvenile Clemency

Mandatory minimum sentences can result in disproportionate punishment for many juveniles.  Our goal is to help reformed juveniles make the best case possible to the Governor that they have been successfully rehabilitated and should not be transferred to adult facilities simply to fulfill an arbitrary term. 

Administrative Law

It can be difficult to navigate the requirements of various government agencies.  Our goal is to help provide guidance in dealing with the proper agencies and follow the proper procedures.

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